Your Life's Stories

Event Type: Adult Event
Date: 2/11/2020
Start Time: 7:00 PM
End Time: 9:00 PM
 What your mother was like in high school? What made your grandfather decide to marry your grandmother? What was your father's first job? Did your mother play any musical instruments? What family traditions did your grandmother have?

Have you ever wondered about any of these, but never got around to asking...or never thought about asking until it was too late?

Everyone talks about gathering family history, but most people never get around to it because it's too hard. But suppose there was an easy way to do it? Suppose there was an easy way to find out the stories of each member of your family, by sending them a question a week, either by email or postal mail, for them to write back about.

That's that "Your Life's Stories" is about. In this two-hour session we'll talk about choosing 52 questions to send to a particular family member each week, with the hopes that they'll respond with stories that will tell you a little bit more about them...and you.

Location: CLOSED Sargent Meeting Room
Presenter: Keith Gatling
Status: Closed